Each culture is different Verbal translations do not only require a good knowledge of the target language areas, but they also call for awareness of cultural differences. Owing to my academic background and translation experience I provide consecutive translations (the speaker utters his sentences in short chunks in order to allow the interpreter translate them) and simultaneous translations (I listen and translate at the same time, enabling the conference member, for example, to understand another person’s speech as it takes place). As a conference and business meetings interpreter, I ensure high standards of my services. The translated topics can cover: banking, finance, IT, multimedia, logistics, etc. As part of my translation service I offer intepretation of: Talks and trade negotiations with foreign partners Conferences and congresses Press conferences Tele- and video-conferences Business trips Lectures and trainings provided by foreign experts Interpretation of telephone talks WWW in Polish Good website translation, besides linguistic knowledge, requires also a good command of the Internet and applications for web site design. My English/Polish versions of web pages include their current graphics and text layout, as well as navigational structure. All you need to do is send me your web site address along with your source codes, and you will be provided with a ready-made version of your bilingual web page. My offer covers also complementary services such as: translation of HTML source code translation of text files that are part of the page content, and pdf documents preserving their original graphic layout translation and redesign of web pages preserving their new character services where the client sends me texts for translation from his web page in the form of .txt, .doc, .xls, .pdf, .ppt, .xml files and then sends them himself to his page after translation current translation of web page supplements (news, new sections) Bilingual presentation I will provide you with: Translation of a presentation text Change of language version for the expected one Adaptation of graphics contained in the presentation Preparation of a new presentation based upon your texts, graphics, and audio and video sequences Company image 'Translatic' also offers designs of: Company logos and logotypes Business cards Advertising brochures Graphics connected with company image Bilingual presentation Your leafleat, brochure, multimedia presentation, and other info-material will be translated with preserving its original graphic layout. As a result you will be provided with almost an identical material differing only in the language. ign culture Web page translation itself is not enough for its content Advertising message in a foreign culture Adaptation of advertisments refers mainly to short commercial slogans and original ambiguous expressions based on unique idioms and puns. It is a creative search for an attractive form based on the source language and correct in the target language, as well as adapted to the preferences of a local addressee. Translation of product names goes the same way. In case of a soundtrack, I first listen to the recorded material, write down the original version and prepare a written translation. Attractive multimedia presentation Apart from translations I also deal with multimedia designing – both web sites and presentations. Based upon your texts, graphics and sound files I will provide you with a brand new presentation. My services include also: Adaptation of graphics contatined in a presentation Editing and preparation of a new version of presentation (e.g. with the use of given sound files) Designing a simple info web page Designing a page with several subpages combining graphic elements, visual effects and navigational menu in FLASH or HTML Publishing the page on a server chosen by the client. Faithful translation I provide both literary and specialist translations in all areas, especially in economics, banking, IT, logistics, building, art, media and literature. Each of these fields is different and requires a different approach. Owing to the linguisitc knowledge and practical experience in all of them I offer comprehensive translation services:
  • Exact and full translation of the source text
    Competent use of correct terminology
    Uniform style, correct grammar and punctuation
    Editing and saving the text in a format desirable by the customer
    Localization, verification and adaptation of a translated text to cultural enviornment
    Ordinary and express translations